Saturday, February 9, 2013

New tangle pattern: MacDee

There is another pattern I've never seen before, that I played with for quite a long time. It appeared on all kind of papers I got in my hands and I really like the look of it: like classic Scottish, checkered fabric. This one deserves a sturdy name that will remind you of kilts, bagpipes, the Highlands and perhaps Nessy....
Because surnames starting with Mc or Mac (a prefix of Gaelic origin meaning son) are very characteristic for Scotland too, I thought the name of this tangle pattern should begin with that. Then suddenly I recognized the initials of my maiden name in Mac (in a different order, but still) and so it was a small step to add "Dee", just as with Orbs-la-Dee.

Even though it's an easy one, this is how to do MacDee:

Step 1: Draw horizontal and vertical lines, leave some space to create large squares. Thicken the lines by tracing them. You might want to cheat by using a Micron with a larger nip, but the irregularity makes it look like a real fabric.
Step 2 & 3: Not to much hand pressure, these should be thin lines!

Haven't seen this pattern anywhere, am I right?? If I'm wrong, please tell me. Should the name already exist, please do the same!

I recommend you to read some very clarifying tutorials about how to use the Sakura Microns and how to deliberately draw your strokes. You'll find them on and on

If you want to know more about Scottish fabric/tartans and surnames, just follow the links.

Happy Tangling everyone!!


  1. With a Scottish mother, last name MacKenzie, I just love this 'wee bit of tartan'...suits me just fine. Easy to do and remember, thanks!

  2. Sehr schönes Muster, gefällt mir gut!

  3. nice! i used to have some plaids that looked like this :)

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