Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Kuke" is Challenge #118

My entry for the Diva's Weekly Challenge #118 was highly influenced by the Eurovision Songcontest! Lots of Footlites and Msst there. Wonderful tangles to put Kuke in the spotlight!! Gneiss appeared because I like it very much and I haven't used it for a long time. I hope you recognize the "K" as the string.
This is what I did with one eye watching the television:

Tangles: Kuke, Msst, Footlites and Gneiss

Thanks to:
CZT® Katy Abott for Kuke;
Rick and Maria from Zentangle® for Msst and Gneiss (no online instructions);
CZT® Carole Ohl for Footlites;
CZT® Laura Harms aka the Diva for this "Use My Tangle" Challenge;
You for reading this post.... and maybe even for leaving a comment!!!

Happy Tangling everyone!


  1. I like the way that you did your Kuke. Like the perspective created by the incremental size change.

  2. Mooi Anneke, dat rose/rood in Kuke. Ik vind ook de compositie erg goed geworden. Vaker laten inspireren door songfestivals dus.

  3. *giggles*

    I watched the show too and there were a lot of patterns in it... (and some good music *gg*)

    Good work with this one!

  4. Vind hem erg mooi geworden en ik denk datvje hoger op de ranglijst komt als onze zangeres alhoewel ik 9 e plaats best redelijk vond hoor