Friday, March 22, 2013

"Boxing Day" because of Challenge #110

Watercolor, acrylic paint, oil paint, inks, paintbrushes of course, markers with thick and thin nibs, oil pastels, soft pastels, Microns in all sorts of colors and sizes, other fineliners, an assortment of gelpens, a countless number of color pencils, name it and you'll find it here at my place. But....I've always disliked pastels, markers and paint, because with those materials I can't achieve the details I want.

I am a fairly "classic" tangler: I mostly use the 3.5 x 3.5 inch tiles (occasionally a white A6 postcard) and a black 0.1 Sakura Pigma Micron plus a pencil. For my mandalas I stick to the color pensils and sometimes I use the fineliners for the outlines. That's all!

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #110 told us "to get rid of the box".... Well, this was exactly the little push I needed, Laura! There were at least five boxes I wanted to get rid of. So I had declared Wednesday to be my personal "Boxing Day". These items became my mission:
  1. working FASTER
  2. WITHOUT too many details
  3. on a LARGE paper,
  4. using THICK markers and
  5. COLOR, although less important.
This is my first piece:

Tangles: Bales (var.), Warble and Palrevo

It's done on A3 sized paper with black Edding permanent markers 400 and 3000. I absolutely wanted to do Palrevo, because I expected a great effect.... And that just worked out, I love that pattern!!! 

Some time ago this was my daugther Ad's favorite scarf:

The bright colors in the black pattern inspired me. Therefore the second contribution is made with the Edding markers and (neon) highlighters, also from my huge stock of art supplies! The shading is done with Talens Ecoline® (#718 Warm grey), a liquid watercolor, and a cotton tip instead of a paintbrush:

Tangles: MacDee, Buttercup and Palrevo

A detail:

I enjoyed this Challenge very much and I have some ideas for more "Boxing Days"!

Thanks to:
Rick and Maria from Zentangle® for Warble (no online instructions) and Bales (and many more!);
Karry Heun for the most wonderful pattern ever: Palrevo;
CZT® Sandy Steen Bartholomew for Buttercup;
CZT® Laura Harms aka the Diva for the little push with this great Challenge;
You!!.... for reading this "crooked English"!!!

Happy Tangling everyone!


    1. Both are quite beautiful, and striking.

    2. Wat heb je dit mooi (en leuk) gedaan Anneke!

    3. Wow! I love your first ZIA. It's really bold and striking. The colored one is just fabulous also. The colors are great, and I can really see the inspiration scarf in it. I especially like how your palrevo sneaks outside the box.

      1. You're right, Karen Lynn! I only realized that when I read your comment, because I thought I just did it for fun!!

    4. wat mooi! echt ! vind de buttercup geweldig in die kleurtjes en hij ligt er echt boven op.

    5. Fantastic! I am in awe of your work - it has the WOW factor! :)