Friday, March 1, 2013

"Spring Holiday"

This week the children had their "Spring Holiday" in this part of Holland! Great, we really needed that very much....

Ru went out with his friends several times and amused himself with his computer. On Tuesday and Thursday he had to work in the supermarket from 18:00 till 21:00, but that was as usual. Wednesday Em travelled to Nijmegen to meet her blog-friend. They did a photoshoot for their blogs. She also wanted to earn some extra money and today she went to the glasshouse, where she normally picks gerberas on Saturdays from 7:00 till about 13:00. It's a busy time there right now because of  "Mother's Day" in the UK (March 10)!
Because most of us have to wait till May: voilà, here is a bouquet for you all:

Tuesday morning I went for a long walk, together with a group of about 16 other women. We do this every fortnight. It's surprising how many different routes there are around your home! In the afternoon my friend Mar came in for a little chat and a cup of coffee. We had a cozy time together, as always.

This afternoon I went shopping with Em. Some weeks ago she passed her driving exam and she likes to drive my car. I'm not sure my car likes her to drive.... never mind, she has to maintain her skills. We were lucky to find some nice stuff in a thrift store. I bought a bunch of color pencils (including my favorite "fire-engine red" from Bruynzeel), 2 cardboard boxes with a "pied-de-poule"  (= houndstooth) pattern just like Bitten, a hinged photo frame and 2 small clocks with a photo frame:

 Yes, I have plans with those.... and it certainly has something to do with:

Happy Tangling!

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