Friday, April 12, 2013

Challenge #113 "Hip to be Square", and more!

Subject of Weekly Challenge #113 was playing with squares as your string. Or in the Diva's words: String Theory v. XXIV "Hip to be Square". I didn't have much time to think it over before starting to draw.... But on the other hand, that's what makes this a real Zentangle!

Tangles: Lucky, Spawn and Crescent Moon/Mr.E
Such a fun challenge, so little time! But one of the things that kept me busy this week is in line with the topic of Rick and Maria's blog about how to look at frames in a museum.
From the time I got familiar with Zentangle, I look at things with my "Zentangle eye": on the street, in shops, and of course in a museum. Last Tuesday I've visited the "Royal Delft" (in Holland it's known as "De Porceleyne Fles", translated: "The Porcelain Bottle"), together with 10 other members of the women's association "ZijActief". It is the only factory left, which produces the genuine Delft Blue earthenware. This is a collage of some photos I've made:

Beautiful designs on Delft Blue earthenware
Sadly enough, my camera had a malfunction, and I lost the first 30 pictures I took that morning...
And this is what I saw yesterday in a department store called "Hema", when I went shopping in Delft with my friend Dee:

A pillar decorated with Zentangles and doodles
I enjoyed both my outings very, very much, as you can understand!
You'll find  more pictures, when you click on the tab "More!".

Thanks to:
CZT® Laura Harms aka the Diva for challenging us again and again;
Rick and Maria from Zentangle® for Crescent Moon;
CZT® Adele Bruno for Lucky;
Shoshi for creating Spawn;
CZT® Shawn Hayden for Mr.E;
CZT® Linda Farmer for introducing new tangle patterns;
You!!.... for reading this "crooked English"!!!

Happy Tangling everyone!


  1. I like your square a lot! It looks kind of romantic if you know what I mean

  2. Wonderful tile, the little Spawn bring forth such lovely tangles. Your inspiration pix are great!

  3. Ik heb ook even bij 'more' naar je foto's gekeken Anneke. Wat een geweldig iets, die pilaar bij de Hema. Heb je ook mee gekregen wie, wat of zelfs waarom die zo gemaakt is?

    Je tile is mooi en vrolijk geworden!

    1. Ik was zo perplex en druk met de foto's, dat ik daar helemaal niet aan gedacht heb! Maar Delft is enig en voor mij eigenlijk heel dichtbij, dus ga ik zeker binnenkort nog een keer. Dan wil ik beslist achter het hoe en waarom komen en schrijf ik daar een post over.

  4. Great tile and I love the tangles on the outer edge.

  5. Your English is great and so is your tile. Lucky makes a super border.